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We are a highly-rated fully licensed IPAF-licensed high-access platform company that operates around Liverpool and surrounding areas including Wirral, Chester and North Wales.


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Cherry Picker Hire Liverpool prides itself on offering people and businesses an affordable and efficient cherry picker hire service to those in Liverpool and surrounding areas. We are able to offer a range of high-quality access platforms/cherry pickers with all of our friendly operators being IPAF trained.

We take health and safety seriously as the safety of you and our staff is the very important meaning we follow all guidelines set in place with the required safety equipment always being used. Through us, you will be able to work at the required height at full safety but without the expensive costs and inconvenience of scaffolding.


Our driver and machine operator are included as standard, allowing you to work safely at heights of up to 30 metres and 15 metres outreach without the need for expensive scaffolding. You can use our platform access services to conduct tasks such as:

Business Signage

We are able to hire out a range of cherry pickers for those looking to undergo indoor and outdoor signage projects whether it’d maybe which include the high street, road signs, pavement or construction site notices plus billboards used for advertisements.

Roofing & Chimney Repairs

Cherry pickers allow roofers to have a secure high-level elevated platform that they can work from to repair roofs & chimneys which saves money and time in the long run - we are able to provider roofers.

Aerial Repairs

Our trained and experienced specialist team hold a high standard and will work at the best quality regardless of any environment in a timely fashion, we are able to offer this service for both residential and commercial clients, get in touch with our team today.

Gutter Cleaning And Repairs

Doing maintenance on your gutter will often require a cherry picker or a hire access platform to be able to complete gutter repairs or clean properly for areas that are difficult to get to - let our team take care unblocking your gutters with ease.


Hiring a cherry picker for painting & decorating is a sensible and effective option as it allows us to work safely at the required height for exterior and interior projects. Cherry pickers give you mobility, safety and security. We offer a range of painting services along with cherry picker hire.

Tree Surgery

Here at Cherry Picker Liverpool, we have successfully hired out our cherry pickers/high-access platforms for tree surgeons as it gives a much easier and quicker way to get access allowing you to be able to fully focus on the job at hand plus giving you the required space for tools and equipment.

Pressure Washing

Cherry pickers can be used for those wanting to do pressure washing as high-access platforms allow you to access them hard to get awkward areas while being fully secure plus the pressure washing at height is bound to leave you seriously impressed - our team can provide high-quality pressure washing.

Electrical Work

As you probably know, electrical work can often be very difficult and tricky plus it can take up a serious amount of time when working at a height but hiring out our high-quality lift platform/specialists will allow you to complete the job at a much faster pace while being extremely efficient.

Exterior Painting

Cherry picker platforms give our trained operators a safe and secure method of access for exterior painting jobs whether it’d be a change of colour or touch-up to make it look brand new, the team here at Cherry Picker Hire Liverpool are able to save you the stress & hassle of looking for a painting service as we can do it all. Cherry pickers are very important when it comes to the exterior as it allows us to get to them hard-to-reach places that other people may miss meaning you have a complete finish that you can be proud of.

Get in touch with us today to see if our trained operators with years of experience in painting can help with your upcoming project.


See us in action here with jobs that we’ve completed over time for our happy clients!


Being based around the Liverpool area, we can quickly get to Liverpool and the surrounding areas such as the Wirral, Chester and North Wales for when you need our cherry pickers. You can put your trust in our experienced staff as we have many years of experience with cherry pickers/high-access platforms.

We’ve successfully helped many happy clients in Liverpool and we guarantee top service regardless of how big and small the job at hand is.


"Excellent service. I will definitely use again. Made the job on 3 story house gutter problem so much easier and solved straight away."
Eliza Deveraux
Liverpool Client
"I had a roof tile slide out of place so called these guys. In the time it took me to make a brew the crane was up and everything was being fixed. Top job mate. Would recommend to my friends and fam."
Richard Whelan
Chester Client
What a guy!! He got me high!! Deffo going to use him again - highly recommend 👍
Ben Hargaden
Liverpool Client


Are you interested in enquiring about our cherry picker hire service? You can use one of the contact information listed below or leave us a message here with your current situation and we will get back to you as soon as possible on the next best steps to get your high access platform up and running!